FireMan Boots make me BRAVE … Mommy Moments

fireman boots and a at home haircut

It was haircut day at our house this week… and my 3 year old does NOT like to have his hair cut. To make matters worse I could not find our cape that keep the hair off the kids while I cut it. So he got to wear a trash bag instead… I know classy lol.  He as upset and being naughty.  I told him he needed to be brave, and sit up in the chair like a big boy.

He looked at me and said in a very serious tone, ” I better get my fireman boots on, they make me brave.”  He sat there, not happy about the whole thing… but he was in fact BRAVE, thanks to those rubber boots.

Sure do love this silly boy.

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  1. Ingard with ATM team

    Ah, I wonder if they make my size for my scary moments. So CUTE!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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