FireWorks ~ July 4th Crafts for Kids, quick and easy

4th of july crafts for kids

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My kids are counting down the days till July 4th is here and they can go to the parade, enjoy the BBQ and see the fireworks at night.  To add a little sparkle to our house the girls and I made some FireWorks crafts.  This was a low cost craft that was quick and easy as well.

4th of july crafts for kids

You can use what ever supplies you have around your house.  We used

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Red and blue paper
  • 4th of July themed napkins, you could also use scrapbook paper
  •  Pipe cleaners
  • Tape, scissors

4th of july crafts for kids

We wrapped the toilet paper rolls in the napkins, and then taped them into place.  Next we took half a sheet of paper and made cuts all the way down the side to create a fringe look.  I layered the red on top the blue  then rolled it up and placed it inside the tube.  This makes it look like the firework is going off.  I then taped that into place on the inside of the tube so it would not fall out.

4th of july crafts for kids

Next add the pipe cleaners.  First we put them in straight but they did not look very good, so then we twisted them around our fingers to give them a spiral look.  We hooked some stars on top with glue and then stuck then into the middle of the firework. Just like that you are DONE, my girls had a lot of fun making these.

4th of july crafts for kids

Best part is I can toss them after the 4th and not feel bad…. after all we can just make them again next year.

4th of july crafts for kids

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