Food Waste???

Maybe it was the way I was raised, But I hate to waste food.  Growing up we always made sure to eat our “leftovers”  if the food did go bad, we would feed it to the dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, or anything else that was hungry.  We would NEVER dream of throwing any kind of food away.    Well now that I am off the farm, and live in a subdivision I can’t exactly throw my table scraps out the back door.  

My good friend Linda just came back from Arizona. She  brought back a bunch or fresh oranges, they were delicious and my kids ate them every morning for breakfast.  We left for spring break….we only had 2 oranges left. But they did not do so well while we were gone. 

 I learned this trick from a friend, she does it with the left over oranges she juices.  Cut them up up into wedges or small cubes.  Place them in a microwave bowl,  add enough water to cover the oranges half way.  Then place them in the microwave on high for 4-5 minutes.  The water will start to boil and fill your microwave with a great orange smell  ( to help get rid of the taco, meatloaf smell from the leftovers  last week)  Not only will you microwave smell great but it will also, get all steamy.  Take a damp rag and wipe the inside down, the stuck on splatters will wipe right off.

Be care full taking it out, IT WILL BE HOT.  Take the steaming hot water and orange pulp and dump it down your garbage disposal.  I let it sit there just for a second,  and let it steam.  Then I turn my grinder on with the water running. It  leaves your sink smelling nice and clean.
What do you do with old fruit?

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