Foodsaver Value Bundle … only $12.99 SMOKIN’ DEAL!!

Thanks to She Saved for passing this along …we are Foodsaver sealin’ fools. Ok…my hubby is…I was fired early on from actually running the maching (the “BIG BAD SEAL DISASTER OF 2004” as it is now called) Seriously… hours and hours of sucking the air out of those little bags. We have actually been through 3 Foodsavers and got LOTS of use out of all of them…in fact…when we passed them on to someone else, it was only because my hubby had to have the “newest” model. I guess we are also Foodsaver snobs, lol. But…the bags can be spendy… and I just came across a SWEET deal …
you can now to go the Foodsaver site
and search VALUE BUNDLE
FOODSAVER® Value Bundle
Model # 134843-000-000
Included in this offer
1 – 11” FoodSaver® Roll
1 – 8” FoodSaver® Roll
5 – FoodSaver® Quart Bags
5 – FoodSaver Gallon Bags
1 – Rectangular 1.5 Qrt.Canister with Cheese Grater
1 – Round 4” diameter 25 ounce Canister
…add it to your cart then go to checkout, use coupon code K9FECCC and the price will drop from $42.99 to $12.99 … sweet! Shipping is $8.50 (boo!) … but this is still such a great deal.. PLUS if you go throughShopatHome you will get 8% cash back PLUS a $5 bonus just for joining. I just joined ShopatHome and I have a feeling that I will be doing a lot of shopping through them…they seem to be trying really hard to be very
competive with the other rebate sites!

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