Taste of Home Cookbooks only $5

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I love cookbooks! They can get pretty pricey — especially these from Taste of Home. If you’ve never used recipes from there, they are so simple and tasty. What I love best is that they are made with ingredients that you might actually own and won’t spend hours chasing down nor end up paying $24.99 just for 1 oz of something exotic.

So, when I found this offer for $5.00 cookbooks, I knew I had to share it with all of you! Most of these books are originally priced around $24.95, so this is a HUGE savings! If you use the code 1062 at checkout, shipping will be just $1.00!!!

If you happen to pick of 4 of these books, you can even get FREE shipping if you use code LST02. Or, if you plan on spending $40.00, use the code L9F17 and not only get free shipping, but also save another 20% off of your order.

Cookbooks make a great gift and at this price, you can afford to get several and whittle down that holiday gift giving list in a hurry!

So sorry — my link didn’t get saved for some reason this morning and I had to leave for a while. It is here now. Again – my sincerest apologies!

If you  go through ShopatHome and you can get 10% back on your purchase!! Remember that if this was your first time to purchase anything, you will also get $5.00 input into your account as well!

Thanks KC Penny Pinching Mama

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