Football Party Low Cost Decor DIY: No Sew Football Pillow (under $2) #SuperBowl

Football Party , Football  NO SEW pillow, low cost decorating ideas, #FootballParty,  #FootBall, super bowlFootball Party Low Cost Decor DIY: No Sew Football Pillow

Do you love all things football? Then you must try crafting this no sew football pillow, perfect for propping your head on during game day! You can make your own in just minutes, and this is one pillow that doesn’t require you sewing a single stitch. Here is how you can get started crafting your own! It is easier than you may think.

Supplies needed:

  • Brown placemat (We found the placemat we used here at our local dollar store for just $1. Now that is frugal!)
  • Cotton batting
  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue, hot glue, glue gun


1. Begin by folding your placemat in half.

2. Add a line of hot glue along the edges where the fabric meets. Be sure to leave one end open as you will need to stuff your batting in.

3. Continue adding the glue and pressing the fabric together to create a seal. This will replace the need for sewing the pillow closed.

4. Fill the fabric with some cotton batting. Make it nice and full and really get it into the corners.

5. Seal the last edge closed with some more hot glue.

6. Cut a long strip of white felt that will fit across the pillow. Add some fabric glue (or hot glue) and press it into place.

7. Now cut a few smaller strips all equal in length. Glue them over the long strip running in the opposite direction to create the stitches on the “football.”

Your no sew football pillow is now ready to be enjoyed!

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