Free Brownies at Albertsons

brownies1211Thanks to Julie for passing this along.  We do have the same sale going on in our area, but we did not get the $1.00 off coupon from the 9/26 red plum.  Very thrifty deal if you have these coupons.

I wanted to let you know about a deal I found at Albertsons in Las Vegas, NV. I’m not sure if our ads are the same but I just thought I could help you and others score some free brownies just like I did.

The promo for buy 10 of the pillsbury brownies

The ad price is .99
If you buy 10 the price drops down to .49

There is a coupon for $1 off 2 (I’m not sure what paper the coupon is from but it expires 1/31/11)

If you buy 10 boxes of brownies and use 5 coupons you get all for FREE!! (for the last coupon the cashier had to price adjust the coupon down to .90)

Thanks agianJulie

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