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Free Gun Lock

2ndamendI am not a huge hunter, or gun person. I own them and I believe in the right to bear arms. But what I don’t believe in is when parents own guns but do not take proper steps to protect them self and their children. I believe that every gun should have a lock. All too often we hear stories of small children shooting their siblings or friends because the was a gun in the house. It is not the fact that there was a gun in the house, it is because there is a lack of respect. The first thing a Marine learns is that it is not a gun it is a weapon and rifle. They learn to love it and respect its power. They learn about it inside and out and I am sure a Drill Sergeant has made many a Marines even sleep with it. But you don’t see them mishandling their weapon or hearing of an accidental shooting because they were playing with it.

If a family wants a gun in the home they need to learn respect. A part of that respect is proper care and handling. Every one knows that a 4 year old can not properly hold or use a gun. And knowing what children of any age can cause and get in to trouble then proper steps need to be take to insure their safety. This is why I feel every gun should have a proper lock. A good lock not only insures the gun will not fire, but all insures that there is no bullet in the chamber.

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