FREEBIE Kindle Books ~ Coffee Cake Recipes, Health, Adult Fiction, Childrens Color Book

Colors: An illustrated animal picture book for children ~ FREE Kindle Book (was $2.99) 5 Stars

The Shopkeeper (A Steve Dancy Tale) ~ FREE Kindle Book (was $5.99) 4.5 Stars

AN EYE FOR MURDER (The Ellie Foreman Suspense Mysteries) ~ FREE Kindle Book (was $4.99) 4.5 Stars

Beating Cancer with Nutrition: Optimal Nutrition Can Improve Outcome inMedically-Treated Cancer Patients. ~ FREE Kindle Book (was $9.99) 4.5 Stars

Cooking the Books: A Sloane Templeton Mystery ~ FREE Kindle Book (was $14.99) 4.5 Stars

Easy Coffee Cake Recipes – 20 Delicious Recipes with Cream, Blueberries, Chocolate, Streusel ~FREE Kindle Book (was $2.99) 4.5 Stars

The Loom~ FREE Kindle Book (was $9.99) 4 Stars


These can be taken off the free list and return to normal price at any moment so don’t hesitate.
Remember you don’t have to have a Kindle to read these, these are digital so you can read them on your PC or iPad.  You can download Kindle for your PC here then you can read it on your home computer.
To view the huge selection of Kindle books click here.
If a Kindle has been on your wishlist you can now get one as low as $79.00 

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