Freezer Organization Tip ~ ORGANIZE YOUR DEEP FREEZE

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organize your freezer ideaDo you have an extra freezer at your house?  Here is a cleaver idea on how to keep in organized.

Ingard here, After defrosting it on a warm day, thoroughly drying it and plugging it back in.

I turned it from this nice clean palette to this!

I must say it is amazing how much more it can hold now without all that ice!

Okay so that is all well and good and now that it is organized, I have even bigger plans that I want to share with you!

Alright, I can hear you all say “SO WHAT, WHY are you showing us this”!

The reason I am showing this is so that you can see this Use a dry erase marker to list the freezer contents for an inventory RIGHT on the freezer door!

  • With this list you can quickly see what you have on hand and plan your menu
  • Save energy with finding what you are looking for right away and not searching just to find you don’t have it.
  • End the buying too much of one item and round out your freezer contents
  • Prevent items from being wasted because you forgot about them
  • As you remove or add items then keep up your inventory up.


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