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Fairy Doll Making KitFairy Doll Making Kit

As low as $10.54 

  • Use the contents of this kit to create a cute fairy princess doll
  • Includes fabrics, adhesive tape, glow wand, wings and everything else that you need
  • Decorate this adorable 8 1/2″ doll

Make a Mermaid Doll4M Mermaid Doll Making Kit
As low as $9.16

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  1. My daughter has that exact kit in the picture. We had enough material but it is a bit challenging for a child (mine was 8 when we bought this kit) unless they are really skilled in doing crafts so takes a lot of help from mom. Also the glue tends to not always stick (but easy to fix if you have more fabric glue). But definitely cute.

  2. I must warn you, I bought my daughter a few of these kits and they never give you enough material! We complained about it to them and they sent us a second kit with the SAME amount of material in it! If you’re ok with supplying your own fabric it’s ok but IMHO if I bought a kit I shouldn’t have to supply additional fabric.

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