Gas for .95 cents a gallon

We were just asked in an email how we can get gas cheap. So I thought I would repost this to help answer any questions.

I was able to fill my Mini Van Saturday for $16.14, I only had to pay .95 cents a gallon.  How you ask?  The Albertsons Gas rewards program, the best part is, it is credited before coupons.  So all those things I get free with coupons still count towards my gas rewards.
Here are the details,

Every time you accumulate $50 in qualified purchases, you’ll  earn a 5 cent per gallon discount good on your first 20 gallons  purchased at participating Albertsons Express locations.  Gas Rewards expire 90 days from the date of award issuance.  Qualified purchases exclude dairy, prescriptions, tobacco, alcohol,  money orders, stamps, lottery tickets, gift cards and fuel or other  products prohibited by Law. Gas Rewards have no cash value  and are not valid with any other fuel discount or offer.  You can fill as much as you would like if you prepay inside.  If you pay at the pump, the transaction will STOP at 20 gallons when using your Gas Rewards. Separate transaction required if you want to  purchase additional fuel after the first 20 gallons are pumped.  If fuel purchase using accumulated Gas Rewards is less than 20 gallons, Gas Rewards accumulated balance will reset to zero when transaction completes.This is a limited time offer.

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