Do you use Clearwire?

clearIf you use Clearwire as your internet service provider, you will need to call them and complain.

We do not want to put down a company, but here is the issue.

We used to have our site hosted with a company called JustHost. JustHost has nothing to do with this issue. When we switch over to our own server at SingleHop, some of our readers said they get an “Account Suspended” page that pops up. Well after many hours on tech support, and many helpful readers, we figured it out.

All internet service providers clear their system cache usually no longer then every 3 days. But for some reason Clearwire does not. For some reason their system sends our readers to the left over information from our original JustHost account, which is suspended, because we are no longer with them. So every time you click on our link, or type in to the search engine, or type “” in the address bar, your computer sends a command through the internet to your service provider, asking their system to send you our page information. When their system goes out to the internet it try’s to pull up information about a website that it already has in its system. It does this to make pages pull up faster.

Well in Clearwire’s case their system still has the “account suspended” information STUCK in their systems memory.

So if you use Clearwire, call them at: 888.CLEARWIRE (1.888.253.2794) between the hours of 9a – 10p daily. 7 days a week.
Or click here to access their tech support chat page.

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