Giant 5lb Gummy Bear on sale – Christmas gift idea

Many still can be received before Christmas with certain shipping optionsgiant gummy bearGiant Gummy Bear approx 5 Pounds – Cherry Flavored Giant Gummy Bear

As low as $28.95 and free shipping options

  • Giant approx 5 pound gummy bear
  • Cherry flavored
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA

And you can choose any of these other flavor Giant 5lb Gummy Bears as well



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13 thoughts on “Giant 5lb Gummy Bear on sale – Christmas gift idea”

  1. Emma Arnold

    That’s nasty actually I had a Halloween adult costume party and we made like 300 jello shot and yea someone at the party told us that and I looked it up and got so sick and not from.alcohol lol needless to say I don’t eat it either and research everything I eat now ..

  2. Jaime Pougnet-Gasperosky

    @ emma my husband used to work for a company that makes leather products for cars…he had to go to Mexico to the tanneries…ummm yeah he saw first hand barrels of that nastiness that goes into gelatin…hair flies maggots…ughhhhhhhh…we havent eaten gelatin since…lol

  3. Emma Arnold

    Not me ! If you really knew what jello and gummy bears are made of you wouldn’t either!

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