Good things come to those who wait ~ I have waited 3 years for Kitchen Cabinets

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Those of you who have followed our site for a few years know we bought an older home 3 years ago and are slowly remodeling it.  What was suppose to be a 6 month project has turned into 3 years.  When you find out the whole house has to be re-plumbed and most the wiring redone… it really messed up your budget.

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So for the last 3 years my kitchen has not had cabinet doors or upper cabinets.  Most days I was ok with this… But it has not been easy either, in fact some days I was flat out mad and depressed about the whole situation.  Embarrassed to have anyone over, to only explain AGAIN that we are in the middle of a project and trying to stay within a budget.

I realized that my 2 younger kids do not even know what it is like to have cabinets on the doors… lol.

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 Well the first part of January we finally had what we needed to get the cabinets done.  My brother and dad are cabinet builders so I went with them to pick out the wood.  Crazy that this pile of lumber was going to transform into my dream kitchen.

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Yesterday install began  and the boxes started to go up.

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I was so giddy inside I could hardly focus.  We still have a few more days of install and we need to get the trim done in the whole house.  The back-splash also needs to go up and the cabinet lighting… BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY they look already.  I am so glad I did not give up, yes it was a huge sacrifice but yesterday  all those feelings went away…. I am pretty sure there has never been a person more excited about kitchen cabinets than I am right now !!!!!!!

I will update you with more photos as me make more progress.

home remodle

Here is the before and after kitchen remodel

Here is the link to our post on more almost finished kitchen remodel


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  1. Love the way your kitchen is coming together! Love the appliances btw! I have those same countertops. You will enjoy your makeover kitchen so much!

  2. So exciting-and yes I remember when you first started the remodel-so glad you are in the final stages now!!

  3. It looks so awesome already! We bought an old fixer upper 4 years ago and are slowly remodeling so I toally get  your excitement. Look forward to seeing your progress.

  4. So excited for you!!! It is looking so lovely and now it will all come together!

  5. They look fabulous! Can’t wait to see it once it’s completed. I’m sure you’re just beyond excited. What will little Maveric do with cabinet doors….he’s used to hiding in them 🙂

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