Great resource for Autism

autism united.orgIn the world today, there are so many parents wanting the best for their children. And with the information freeway out there, some times self-diagnoses start to creep into the minds of many parents trying to justify the actions of their children. My (Matt) mother is a Special education teacher in eastern Idaho, and specializes in the field of Autism. She teaches the children in a special class to help advance them and prepare them for main stream schooling. She enjoys her job so much that we can’t get her to retire. Every year she attends classes and seminars to better her own education, and we love hearing about her thoughts on Autism and all of the other challenges that children have to face. One thing that she has always stressed is that a parent needs to have a specialist diagnose a child with a certain term. For example, you wouldn’t go to a doctor who specializes in kidney’s, when you need a broken leg fixed. With the same thought, it is important to get a referral from your pediatrician to go to a specialist in the field that your pediatrician has diagnosed your child as having a challenge. You can click here to learn about pediatrician for your child. If you or your family doctor believes your child to be Autistic, it is best to confirm that diagnosis with a Autism specialist. Then, your child may be recommended to undergo occupational therapy Cary NC. If your child was incorrectly diagnosed that resulted in worsening of his condition, contact a medical malpractice lawyer to build a failure to diagnose case. For more information about autism and therapy, go to

A highly recommended online resource to help find specialist, ask questions, support from others in your shoes, and also special gear for your autistic child is to visit Autism United .org


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