Mommy Moments ~ Taking a bath and washing dishes

mommy moment

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I was up stairs putting laundry away when I hear my oldest son running up the stairs.  He busts into my room laughing so hard he can hardly talk.  “Mommy, Maveric is giving himself a bath and doing the dishes.”  So I run down stairs as fast as I can ( trying not to kill myself as I dodge the shoes and toys my kids seem to always leave  on the stairs).  He likes to play in the sink so I thought he had just spilled water all over the place…..

NOPE the little bugger pushed a chair over to the sink, climbed inside as if it was his own little tub (fully dressed I might add) turned the water on and was having a ball!  How can you not smile when this is what you see…. Oh this little guy wears me out!   Now if I could just get him to really wash the dishes and put them away 🙂


And if you are wondering yes that is sheet rock on the walls… we are in the middle of a VERY long kitchen remodel you can read more about that here.

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