Grow you own Mushrooms at home – Portabella, Oyster, Shiitake, Morel, Chicken of the Woods

Grow your own Mushroom Oyster Mushroom kitBack To The Roots – Oyster Mushroom Farm

  • One Certified Organic Oyster Mushroom Kit: Grow at Home Mushroom Farm by Back to the Roots
  • Three simple steps: open box, mist with water, harvest the crop
  • First crop in as little as 10 days; grows multiple crops
  • Fun for kids, families, foodies & chefs; makes a great gift!
  • Kit contains agricultural, plant-based organic waste products, oyster mushroom spawn (seed), and spray mister

Grow your own Shiitake mushroom farm home mushroom kit9-10″ Shiitake Mushroom Log

  • For Holiday Shipping Use the Scheduled Delivery Option. Logs are living organisms and can’t stay closed in the box.
  • Grows Shiitake Mushrooms every 2 months for years in room light or garden shade. Fully guaranteed.
  • A great gift for mushroom lovers, gardeners, gourmets and cooks!
  • Add the Shiitake Sampler Cookbook, with 51 delicious recipes
  • Your purchase supports Mushrooms in Ghana, our project to promote mushroom cultivation as a means of alleviating poverty in West Africa. Thanks!

Morel Mushroom kit grow morel mushrooms at homeMorel Habitat Kit – Backyard Morel Mushroom Growing Kit

  • Grow Morel Mushrooms in your yard. Start any time your soil is workable – Spring, Summer, Fall and even Winter (in areas with a mild climate).
  • Create an earth friendly, sustainable, organic, outdoor Morel Mushroom garden & grow morels in your backyard.
  • We provide Guaranteed* to produce spawn (seed), of our unique morel strains which will allow you to grow pounds of morels.
  • Customers have found morels in their Habitats 25 years after they were established!
  • Complete instructions for your Morel Habitat are included. Use spawn immediately or store for up to six months.

Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Kit Grow Chicken on the woods at homeChicken Of The Woods Mushroom Log Kit

Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus conerificola) grows on softwoods including hemlocks, Douglas Fir, true firs, and spruce. Stumps, rather than cut logs, are the recommended candidate for inoculation; logs can be used and buried vertically in sand, sawdust or gravel after incubation. Producing a multi-layered, shelf-like mushroom (sometimes called wood conks), Chicken of the Woods has an easily distinguished orange mycelium. Given the right conditions, mushrooms will form in 6 – 12 months; the stump will begin to decompose, and mushrooms will fruit for several years thereafter. Note: We give you enough spores (plug spawn) to impregnate a 6-12″ long log 2-4″ in diameter. you can do smaller logs if you want. Wood Log is not included.

Portabella Mushroom kit grow portabella Mushrooms at homeSeasonal Giant Heirloom Portabella Mushroom Growing Kit

  • Mushroom kit 12″L x 10″W x 9″H
  • The Portabella mushroom is one of the tastiest mushrooms ever grown. .
  • Portabella mushrooms are thick and “meaty”.
  • Best Temperature for Growing: 63 – 68
  • Keep out of direct sunlight. AVAILABLE OCT – APRIL ONLY



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