Guess my Albertsons Savings!

Guess My Albertsons Savings! ?

Before discount and coupons these items would have cost me over $114.00
I bought:
7- Pillsbury grand biscuits rolls
8- Progresso soup
5-Betty Crocker friut snacks
2 -Packs of bread
5- Venus 3 pack razors
5-Band Aid First Aid kits
This is a little game we play every week, All you need to do is leave a comment with your name and an exact dollar amount guessing how much you think I paid for these items. ?The person who is the closest to the actual $ amount will win a prize. I love hearing from you, so leave a comment and maybe you will win! I will end this contest Feb. 21 at 8pm ?THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED……to see the winner and all the details click here

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