Always check before you buy


A quick lesson I would like to pass on. Many of you who are new to “couponing” have emailed me with stories of some cashiers or stores not taking coupons one day, but accepting them the next. This can be very frustrating, and emotionally draining. But I want to give some words of encouragement. “It depends on the day”. Yes it doesn’t amount to much, but point taken is that each person has their own ideas about coupons. It depends on who is counting the money behind the desk at your local store, or which manager is on duty that day. Unfortunately most people aren’t walking store rules and policies. That is why I have called each of my local stores and asked them what their store policy is. A lot of the time the first person I talk to will have absolutely no idea what the policy is. So I call often, learn who their managers are, I write what I learn down, and I bring it with me.
I tend to know the days my favorite cashiers work, and which store managers are coupon friendly. If you ever have had a bad day at a store because they did not accept your coupons that you spent so much time on, here is my own experience, just recently.
I went last night and was able to use my coupon at Albertsons, just fine. But as of this morning one of my local Albertsons has changed their policy. They will be happy to take any competitors coupon that are printed in the ad, but
they will not be taking competitors coupons printed off the internet. They said they can not tell which ones are fake. They will still be happy to take printed MFR (manufacturer coupons). All of this because the person counting coupons in the back didn’t like what was happening, not because the corporation came up with or changed a policy.

It only takes a moment to call, but a huge amount of savings. To which I and many of my readers can attest to!

Albertsons is a really coupon friendly store, I totally understand them not being able to take these coupons that “might” be a fake. Disappointed, yes but I understand. It is always best to follow the rules, be honest and that way we all benefit from coupon shopping. When people use “fake” coupons it hurts everyone….so please make sure you are always an honest coupon shopper. Thanks Albertsons for all the great deals!

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