Guest post: Use up left overs

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pa0808_empanadas1_medHere is a link to Paula Deen’s Chicken Empanada recipe.  What is so great about this recipe is that you can add or omit just about anything based on your personal tastes.  I had everything I needed in my pantry and freezer to make this recipe and I’m guessing most thrifty mom followers will too.  Here are the main ingredients:  frozen pie dough, cream cheese, chicken, red bell pepper, shredded cheese and seasonings.

I kept looking at my pie dough, every time I opened the freezer, from a sale at Christmas time and was trying to figure out a new way to use them so I searched on and there it was, the perfect recipe!  I added black beans and some sour cream to my mixture that I stuffed the dough with and it was still a little dry so I would recommend a sauce of some sort on the side like sour cream and salsa mixed together, or chipotle’s and sour cream if you like it really spicy.  What is so great about this recipe is you can add or omit just about anything that you like or don’t like and it will still turn out great.  It was the perfect finger food and it makes a ton so there are a lot of left-overs, (I ended up using 2 boxes of dough).  The other great thing is you can make a mild batch to begin with, stuff some of them for the kids and then add more spice for the rest of the filling for the adults.

Enjoy! Sherri

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