Handmade Mother’s Day Card Idea ~ Hand Print Flower Card

Do you need a Mother’s Day card and your a little short on cash?  Well I have a “thrifty” solution that will bring a smile to any Mother or Grandmothers face.   I am not always so excited to see dirty little fingerprints all over my windows, mirrors and everywhere else in the house…. BUT I know I will miss them some day.  In less than 5 minutes you can create a flower hand print card that will be a keepsake for sure.

All you need is an ink pad (or you could use paint), white card stock, pattern scrapbook paper, glue stick  and a green marker.

Ink your childs hand, then press it firmly onto a sheet of card stock.  Use a green marker to draw a stem, leaves and a personal message.  Fold our pattern paper in half to create a card, glue the white card stock to the front of the card… and you done 🙂

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