Hands free garbage cans and accessories ~ garbage bags and batteries

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garbage can

Attended a graduation party over the weekend and every guest was entertained by the ‘magic’ garbage can that opened when they wanted to put their garbage in it. Here is a set of 2, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom (keep the kids and dogs out of the garbage). These units have good reviews.

Nine Stars Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can, Set of 2 $69.97 with FREE shipping

Kirkland drawstring garbage bags, 13 gallon
Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags – 13 Gallon – 200 Count ~ $24.90 (this is $.13/bag) ~ ships with $25 purchase

small garbage bag liners
Green N Pack Small Garbage Bags 4 Gallon 30-Count Boxes (Pack of 4, Total of 120-Count) $16.49 (this is $.14 a bag) ~ ships with $25 purchase

Duracell C batteries
Duracell MN1400B4 C Cell 4-Count ~ $6.70, w/ Free shipping on orders over $25

Duracell MN1300B4 D Cell 4-Count ~ $10.08, w/ Free shipping on orders over $25


  1. I bought my first one 8 years ago or so at Costco. They have not had them for the last couple of years until about 2 months ago. Their new one is larger, 22 gal. It is a little wider and deeper than the old one. We love them. Costco had $10 or $15 off, so it ended up being between $29 pr $33. I forget which.

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