Happy Fathers Day 2012

06/17/2012 11:00 am · 3 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

I hope you are all enjoying your Fathers Day weekend.  We had a Fathers Day party at my parents house yesterday, played games, went swimming, had a BBQ and just enjoyed spending time with family.  The kids made a sign for all the Dad’s and added their hand prints.  It was simple made out of butcher paper and craft paint, but the kids loved it! I felt bad because Matt ended up being sick and was not able to go.  But I decided getting the kids out of the house so he could rest in quiet would be best.   So we went to the Father’s Day party (without our Daddy).

The photo below is of my Dad, with 18 of his grandkids my sister and her 5 kids were not able to come because they live out of town.  Being part of a big family is really fun, the kids LOVE to play with their cousins.  We are lucky that they all watch out for each other and have fun playing.

Happy Fathers Day !

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