Home Made Cherry Pitter ~ How to make #CherryPitter #DIY

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Thanks to Tales of Domestica  for this money saving  tipon how to make your very own cherry pitter. This as a cleaver idea that left me thinking hmmm why didn’t I think of that?

Use a 2 liter soda bottle and a Korean chopstick to create your very own cherry pitter. It amazed me how much easier this was than trying to cut the pit out with a knife, DANGER! Talk about chopped fingers.

The only reason I used a Korean chopstick (which is pointer and more slippery) is because it is the only one I had on hand. Later while digging through my knife drawer I found a pair of cheap disposable chopsticks. I think those would have worked better due to having a blunt end, but make due with what you have!

So here is the drill. Take your washed cherry and gently hold it above the bottle leaning it on the inside of the lip with one hand, then poke the chop stick through the top of the cherry pushing the pit out the bottom. The pit will fall to the bottom, and on you will go with your next cherry. Be careful to not let too many cherries slip from your grip and land into the bottle!

It took me about 15-20 minutes to pit 4 cups of cherries. It can be a sticky job, so we did it over the sink.


  1. Thanks for your idea.  It will do until I find one somewhere.  They used to be sold all over.  Now I can’t find them anywhere.  Anyway, thanks again.

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