Hat-imals Plush Animal Winter Hats with Paws

Animal Hats

I have seen these Animal Winter hats all over! They all have long front animal arms that are mittens or gloves. You can even swing them around your shoulders as a scarf. Any teen would love these! Let them make a statement in a fun way at the school game, or even out on the Ski hill!

Or get them their schools mascot as a hat! 

Get them for you 😉 one of 21 different animal hats:

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  1. Also the ones with the mitts are way cuter. If you get any get them with the mitts.

  2. Oh my 14 year old loves them. I would get it but I don’t think we’ll use it much in Texas. They actually look way cuter on a real person.

  3. Ok, I really thought for a minute I was losing it with the adolescent thing 🙂 I just looked at the link & there must be about 50 different styles… definitely some my some my daughter would wear!! As a matter of fact one of her friends is turning 14 this weekend & I’m looking through for one or two for her now, she has a couple panda hats already so these would be perfect!! Thanks thrifty mom!!

  4. So I’m 22. I have wanted a one of these for a long, long time. I already have 2 fur hats with bear ears on them.

  5. My almost 15 year old daughter wears these, she has a wolf, a dog, Cookie Monster and several others, lots of girls in her school do

  6. Jessica I was thinking the same thing about the adolescent=teenage!
    My daughter would like the penguin!

  7. Isn’t adolescent the same as teen?? Or have I completely lost my mind (which is very likely, lmao) Younger teenage & preteen girls that I know would like them… about 10-14ish…. my 13 year old is iffy, lol… only the smaller ones though, like the the coyote/dog would definitely be a NO!! Too big & bulky… but the pink a yes 🙂

  8. LOL maybe we have strange teen girls here… cause they are all about these… they wear them to the school football games when they get cold

  9. I know plenty of teenage girls, I can not imagine one of them wearing any of these. An adolescent girl…maybe.

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