HELICOPTERS Price Dropped again $18.95 (WAS $129.99) Free Shipping options

I was excited to see these Helicopters marked down again… grab them before the price goes back up! Makes a great gift for TEENS !

helicopter red
Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Red$20.15 (was $129.99) free shipping options

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter $18.95 (was $129.99)

Full Set Replacement Parts for Syma S107 RC Helicopter, Main Blades, Tail Decorations, Tail Props, Balance Bar, -Red Set $2.99

Please note that yes I agree the “before” price if a bit high on these you can find them at other stores for $35-$65….but what I can agree on is $19-$20 is a AWESOME price! Shipping is FREE with a $35 order!

Matt said he wanted one of these for years… I thought it was strange that a grown man wanted a toy helicopter.  But he kept bringing it up so finally last year I bought him one for Christmas.  It turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever given to him, because the kids and him  play with it almost everyday.  It is fun to watch it fly around the house, and listen to my kids squeal with excitement.


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Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice


  1. I got one similar last year, but maybe I’ll get another 😉 Tyann Bjorkman

  2. Luckily my husband is an engineer and if I can get hold of a good battery he should be able to get himself up and flying again.

  3. Yes, and yes! I bought this exact one for my husband for Christmas last year. I paid the price shown here. It is sturdy and will work for about a year before you need to replace the rechargeable battery inside the chopper. That’s a bit of a job, from what I’m seeing on Amazon. It’s almost easier to just drop another almost $20 and get a new one, as the batteries are 1/4 of that, and take forever to ship from China. Also, a replacement battery may or may not work.

  4. We have bought it and love it, I would recommend getting the replacement parts for when the kids crash it.

  5. Donna Howard-Bulloch for rylee? There pretty cool rossco has one Bruce would get a kick out of it too

  6. Kristen – I bought one for Asher (he’s 8). It’s supposedly a little tricky to maneuver at first, but from the reviews I read, they get the hang of it. You’re supposed to fly it indoors though. From what I read, even the slightest breeze will cause it to crash (fan breeze included). We’ll be holding out on giving it to Asher til Christmas, so I can’t tell you how it actually works. I figured that for such a low price, if it breaks after a few weeks it’s not a huge loss.

  7. Burlington coat factory always has those helicopters at around that price

  8. We have one, it has trouble flying near lighted fans but are great, my youngest who is three is capable of using it. Think recommend age is 8+

  9. If you look on the right hand side there are more buying options and one is under $19 with free shipping!

  10. Just got ours yesterday! I couldn’t wait for Christmas, so my fiance ripped into the box last night after work. He was chasing me and the dogs around the house with it!

  11. still have our helicopters from last year but this isn’t a price drop lol. well it is..they were $24.95 last year. NEVER been higher.

  12. I bought one for my hubby 2 years ago. I always see them for 19 or less. The only thing is my hubby snapped a wing but I was able to get replacements for under a dollar. He still loves it!

  13. They are on amazon for around $20 quite often but we have bought 2 of these (1 for us and 1 for a gift) and we love them. They fly so well and are a lot easier to control than any of the air hog ones (we have a few of those too) so it really is a great gift for a boy (or even adult, my FIL got one last year and loves it). It would make a great gift for the hard to buy for preteen or boy who has everything. We didn’t expect much for the price because we had went the air hogs route before and were disappointed but ended up being so amazed by how well it worked that we bought a second one for the gift closet. My no 7 year old has been able to fly it on his own for 2 years now and even after several crashes, it still works like new and we have never had to replace any of the parts. We are getting a second one to put away for his younger brother who is 3 because we know he will be wanting his own soon!

  14. the $129.99 price is an utter JOKE. They are NOWHERE online for that price! In fact, they are other places for less than $19.30!!!

  15. We’ve had one and love it. But fyi, they’re almost always around $20. I think that $129 price is a mistake.

  16. Oh and ours has had several crashes (he was 4 when he first got it) and we have never had to replace anything on it so far. They are really built well!

  17. Repair and extra parts kits are only $2.99 I suggest you get one or two …. incase they have a few crashes while learning to fly lol

  18. Thank you so much! My fiance’s been wanting one for years! Finally, I can get a gift that no one in his past has ever gotten him!

  19. Good to know. Ordered two of them for the hubby for Christmas. That’s an amazing deal!!!!!

  20. We have one of these and they fly amazingly well. So much better quality than the air hogs oness!

  21. Jodi Fenton I got these for xmas for the boys thought u would like for kolder

  22. We have this one and I can say that they are much better quality than any of the air hogs brand ones!! They fly so much better and you can control them way better than the air hogs. I bought an extra to have as a backup because our son loves his soo much. We have had it 2 years with no issues so far!

  23. The replacement parts are on sale for only $2.99 too… I recommend grabbing some of those too. That way when they crash the fun can continue, plus my kids seem to have as much fun FIXING and playing DR on it as they do flying it 🙂

  24. My boys wanted this last year, now I can get each of them one at this price…thanks!!!

  25. The extra parts are only $2.99 with free shipping. If you get one of these, I recommend getting the spare parts. They get banged around a bit while you are learning to fly them. I have seen those parts go for a lot more at the hobby shops. It’s a great deal.

  26. I have had a few of these.. For the price they have been great for my kids 6&8 yrs. for us they only work indoors but they r small enough that they don’t scratch when they run into walls / furniture

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