Help a distant neighbor

wordWe get some 200 emails a day from readers. And no not counting spam emails. Every so often one comes that sparks something in my soul. There are so many people in need now a days. With economic troubles, political agendas, wars, personal conflicts, moral flaws, and a slew of other things that affect our neighbors. Today with this email I received I want to try a new way of helping others. Many people give hand outs to people on corners, or donate to charities, but how about some words of encouragement?

Leave a comment here on this post with anything that comes to your mind. Let’s try and see if we can lift her spirits although we are not her direct neighbor. This is what she wrote to us:

It seems that every few weeks you get a nasty, unkind email, it probably isn’t a lot compared to the enormous support for your site. There is a lot going on in my life and I am down and my mom always said if there is something bothering you and you can’t do anything about it than you should do something nice for someone else.There is nothing I can do about my situation, it is in God’s hands right now so I thought that I could at least send a thank you for the wonderful job you do SHARING your wonderful couponing tips. I think some of these individuals who right these emails don’t realize that you could just as easily coupon as you do without taking the time to share your deals, insights and suggestions. I have been a follower for about a year now and have been able to get some great stockpiles of food, it was my way of lowering our household budget. However, a family emergency has struck and for the last 5 weeks I have been living out of hospitals trying to be with my mom as she fights for her life all while juggling still trying to be a mom to 2 kids. The stock pile of food has been a lifesaver. By no means are my children getting the best meals right now, fresh veggies and fruit aren’t really appearing at dinner time but at least I can cook them a meal of macaroni and cheese and milk and canned fruit or vegetables and not have to add the stress of having to run to the store. Again, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your family for what you do. God bless

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