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For a couple weeks now I have talked with Sarah on what to do for our readers for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Granted giving out money is always fun. Having people help others in their community was already done last year and was a huge success in our Pay It Forward postings. This year want to do something bigger and want to help out even more people! So follow along with our new MyCharityWater Campaign bellow:
welcome_imageThis is Caroline. Beautiful smile, right? She’s smiling because she’s drinking clean water for the first time. She used to walk three hours every day to fetch dirty water. But not anymore. Her village just got a well. Clean water will change everything for Caroline and her community. For every Caroline, there are millions more children hoping to smile like that. Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have clean water right now. Who knows how many people you will impact. This is where it begins, because what you do here changes lives.

I have always want to help other people help them self. And have always wondered about the basic needs of people. The poor children in Africa and far away countries are always so humble and innocent but yet always seem to have a smile about life. Just the yesterday I was on Will Smiths facebook page and noticed something that he is apart of. I have always like Will Smith. From his days as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince he has always kept his music and now his movies clean. He was never one of those gangsta rappers. And now with his kids they are following in his foot steps. Movies like the Karate Kid and Willows new music video are all clean and appropriate for age.

Well when I was on his Facebook page I noticed a charity that he was working with. If you watch the video below you will see what we are doing along with him. MyChartiyWater campaign that we have started under him is to help villages in Africa dig wells for water. What basic thing can be more life sustaining then water? And water better way can we help others by helping them self? So join with us now. CLICK HERE to donate your birthday age, like I’m 36 so I would donate $36 or more. You can donate as little as you want or as much as you would like to help others. Just think of all of the savings we have saved by couponing! Let’s all give back this year! NOW

Will and Jada’s Birthday Celebration from charity: water on Vimeo.