How to Cope with Morning Sickness

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Morning Sickness stinks! It makes it so hard to function and get through the day when you’re puking or nauseous all the time. Here are a few solutions I found that might help. Have you tried them? What did you use to get through morning sickness, leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments.
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  1. I had hyperemesis gravid arum (hg) with both kids. I was on pills, ivs,, etc…..the
    Only thing that halted was having my babies

  2. Sorry for your loss. U0001f614 I’ve lost three myself and know what a hard thing it is to go through.
    I had a terrible first pregnancy and had “morning sickness” for nine months day and night. It was awful. I didn’t know about this remedy until I was pg with my 2nd. It worked wonders! I really wish I had known with my 1st.

  3. This is what my midwife just suggested as well. I didn’t get to try it before miscarrying, but there just be some science behind it! Peppermint EO’s are great as well.

  4. We’re the he’ll was this when I needed them badly in my first trimester.

  5. I am NOT pregnant   Just looking to help a friend. 🙂 you would know before it got posted on the site

  6. Laying on the cold concrete floor of my basement sipping ginger ale and nibbling crackers with a pillow over my head.
    With my 3rd prehnancy I also got extreme migraines as well as nausea for 4 months. I know it isn’t sound advice but know you’re not alone!! Hang in there, mama!!

  7. Every night before bed take 1/2 a Unisom with a vitamin B6. It is the only thing that helped with my morning sickness. Congratulations! 😉

  8. Nothing worked for me so i listened to music as constant as i could in my ear buds as a distraction. Its was a rough 5 months.

  9. Absolutely NOTHING worked for me and I was sick from the day I turned 8 weeks through my 4th month. Never threw up but felt like it 100%

  10. Ginger. Ginger tea, made with a little sugar. It is known for its anti nausea properties.

  11. I was like that with my first one. I ate a lot of saltine crackers. And mine was all day sickness

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