How to find the date on a coupon insert

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Here is a thrifty little tip for you.  Did you know that the coupon inserts that come in Sunday papers have the date, and the paper they where issued to, stamped right on them.   It is rather small but it can be found on the outside fold.  How does this help you and why would you want to know?  Well some people and “clipper’s” and some are “filer’s”. Which means some people clip and categorize their coupons, and others choose to file the whole insert by date and only clip the coupons once they get ready to use them.

Now when I say use the “coupon” from the 10/10 smart source…you will know where to find the date.  Hope this helps.

So what are you…. a clipper or a filer?  ( I am a clipper, here is how I do it)


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