How to grow your own Sprouts

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Thanks to Purposely Frugal for passing along this great post on growing your own sprouts.  I use to eat these all the time when I was little, but have not bought them in years because they are a little pricey. This is a thrifty option that looks easy enough!  If you would like to be a featured guest post on Look What I Made , watch for our weekly post each Tuesday called A Thrifty online craft fair, link up and you may be selected for our weekly feature post.


Wanna know the perfect thing to grow for non-green thumbs? You don’t even need a planter for this! Sprouts! They’re really healthy, especially since you can eat them at their peak all year long!

What You Need

We bought a sprouting jar that came with a jar and 3 different lids with differnent sized holes. But I read in a book (can’t remember the name of it) that you can just use any jar with some nylon (like from stockings) and a rubber band around the opening. Then all you need are seeds to sprout and water!

What to Do

All you have to do is soak the seeds overnight in your jar. I usually do about 1-2 tablespoons. Then rinse and drain them the next day and leave them upside-down or laying sideways so they can drain. Rinse them out a few times every day until they’re ready to eat. How many days it takes will depend on what exactly you’re sprouting. I’ve done alfafa and a spring mix, which has lots of different things in it. Sprouts are SUPER healthy, and a perfect way to get really fresh food, especially in winter or for those of us that don’t have a garden. If you can’t find any sprouting seeds, try a health food store, that’s where I get mine.

How to Eat Them

There’s endless ways to eat your sprouts. I saw a whole book with just sprout recipes at the library! I usually just throw them in a salad or on a sandwich. Some people use them in stir fries and wraps too.

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