How to keep your kids entertained and quiet at church, the doctors, and on trips

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6 thoughts on “How to keep your kids entertained and quiet at church, the doctors, and on trips”

  1. Perfect for teachers! I can use these to do green-screen puppet shows! Thanks!

  2. Natalie Johnson Whicker

    Thanks! I bought both sets! My little boy will be so excited!

  3. JoAnne Barrand

    I just ordered both sets they are so cute! I know the grandkids will have fun with them. And the total cost was $5.40 and free shipping. I am excited to get them.

  4. SapphireCitrine

    yay! my girls love finger puppets.. we need more to add to our cast of characters. perfect easter basket stuffers!

  5. DuncanFaber

    We have 5 kids (I know.  What were we thinking?) so we’re always looking for ways to keep them entertained when we go out.  We download a lot of audiobooks.  There’s plenty of sites where you can get them, but we use this site a lot because it’s free and all the stories are original.  Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

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