How to make a compost pile – Compost Bin on sale

How to make a Compost Pile

Each year we grow a garden. The kids enjoy it the entire family spends time together to make it a fun day in the back yard. But what about other things you can do as a family to help the family unit thrive through out the year. Make it a family goal to work through out the year, not just in the summer on making your garden the best it can be. A simple compost pile can give vital nutrients to your garden and can keep the children focused on helping through out the entire year. Giving kids simple chores that they can help with like taking out the food scrapes, leaves and other organic material to the family compost pile will not only help your garden but will help your family learn. They kids will enjoy the process of collection, turning and prepping and watching how a banana peal can transform into healthy garden soil.

Compost ingredients:

  • Green – grass clippings, food waste like veggies, fruits, coffee grounds anything organic i the kitchen
  • Browns – twigs, branches, wood shavings, raked up leaves
  • Water – adding the top two ingredients with water to help the soil heat to the proper temp.

Mix any of the above into a pile in the backyard, out of the way. Find a shady area that you can reach with the hose. Once you begin to pile everything together place a tarp over it to all the heat and bacteria to grow. Keeping the compost moist helps the fungi and bacteria, naturally found in soil to build and helps worms and other insects to turn and process the soil. Once the compost is dark and a fine material similar to what you would see in a compost bag, or if it just looks like good dirt, it is ready. That normally takes a few months to a few years depending on the temperature you keep it at, the moisture and the bacteria that grows in it. A easy way to hurry up the process is to turn your compost heap. Pitchforks are the old way, but the barrels below are the new and easy way to hurry the process. It also saves you from having a gross mound of dirt in the back with bananas and food showing when you have the neighbors over for a backyard BBQ.

2Geobin Compost Bin As low as $27.99 and free shipping

  • 216 Gallon Capacity (Over 1 Cubic Yard). 36″ tall, adjusts from 1 – 3.5 foot diameter.
  • Easy to assemble with new closure keys. Easy to move, Easy to reassemble.
  • Made from 50% recycled post consumer plastic content.
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1Yimby Tumbler Composter As low as $80.99 and free shipping

Tumbling composter.-Easy turn barrel with convenient built- in hand holds.-Adjustable air vents.-Rodent resistant.-Space efficient size with 5 cubic ft capacity.-Made in Canada. Includes: -Made from durable, u.v. resistant plastic with recycled content and includes a strong steel frame, which will last for many years. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 36″ H x 28″ W x 26″ D.

3Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard Jr. As low as $117.00 and free shipping

  • 7-cubic foot capacity, black
  • Made from 98% post industrial polyethylene
  • Recessed handles and wheeled base make turning almost effortless
  • Child and pet safe
  • Black color provides heat for quick compost

4Compost Thermometer As low as $24.10 and free shipping

  • 20-inch All Stainless Steel Stem!
  • Dial: 0/200 Fahrenheit with 3 Temperature Zones – Steady, Active and Hot
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Hermetically sealed (won’t fog up). Can be left in the compost pile over night.
  • Basic Composting Instructions! (printed on the back of the packaging)

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