How to make your pumpkin glow with blue flames, Halloween Hacks

Want to do a fun Halloween trick that will make everyone cheer?  We are going to teach you how to make your pumpkin glow with blue flames. It is so easy but looks amazing!  Before I tell you how to make your pumpkin glow with blue flames, you need to promise me that you will follow proper safety rules. Only do this outside with proper adult supervision!


How to make your pumpkin glow with blue flames

What you need:

A few other things you might want to have on hand:

  • Running water or damp towel
  • Fire extinguisher

As I said above this is not something for children to do alone.  Adults need to be present while doing this since fire is involved.   The good thing is these flames can easily be blown out, or put out with water, a damp towel or a  fire extinguisher.

Start by pouring and dripping hand sanitizer all over the outside of your pumpkin or jack-o-lantern.  You need  to coat it generous to get a good flame.  Use a lighter to start it on fire. Watch the blue flames cover your pumpkin in seconds!  We did this 5 times, it did start the dry stem on fire but the rest of the pumpkin looked the same even after the fire was out.

The flames will last a few seconds up to 3-4 minutes depending on how much fuel/ hand sanitizer you put on.  Please note it is VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT ADD MORE SANITIZER WHILE THE FLAMES ARE GOING.  You must wait till all the flames are out to add more.   If you add it while the fire is still going it can travel up and catch the whole bottle on fire.

Watch our Halloween video on this here


Be safe, have fun and I hope you have had fun learning ,  How to make your pumpkin glow with blue flames!


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  1. I wonder if you took the candle out could you get inside to pumpkin to just burn

  2. “No other pumpkins or Halloween decorations were harmed in this experiment…U0001f601U0001f383U0001f47b”

  3. Pyro Pumpkin ??? Let’s burn the kids fingers off at the very least . Well , it’s better then watching the Cubs .

  4. Not in the grass! U0001f633 Maybe in a fire pit or some other fireproof surface.

  5. Still so awesome I’m going to try it with my nieces and nephew tomorrow or on Halloween night

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