Pumpkin Face Spinner ~ Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

My two year old and I made a Pumpkin Face Spinner today before nap time. We had so much fun making it. I let her color the pumpkins, while I used scissors to cut out the pumpkin. We made a good team and she loved how it turned out. She even took it to bed for nap-time. An easy low cost  Halloween craft project perfect for school parties, family parties, Boy Scouts or other groups of kids! Hope your kids love making this Pumpkin Face Spinner!halloween-crafts-for-kids-pumpkin-face-spinner-low-cost-and-easy-perfect-for-a-school-party-or-church-group-boy-or-girl-scout-halloween-craft-ideas

Pumpkin Face Spinner ~ Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

What you need to make your Pumpkin Face Spinner:

You can buy all the supplies for your Pumpkin Face Spinner online, or you can find most of them at your local dollar store. I found everything I needed for this project at, Dollar Tree. I love that this Halloween craft is low cost but, still loaded with fun.  As my kids came home from school they all wanted to spin it and see all the silly faces, even my older kids.

Start by drawing or tracing a pumpkin shape on the bottom edge of the black plate. If you do not feel like you can draw a pumpkin shape there are printable pumpkins shapes here. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the pumpkin shape.  I did this part of the project and let my 2 year old do the coloring.

Next, place the black plate on top of the white plate. Use a pencil to trace the pumpkin shape onto the white plate. Spin the plate until you make it all the way around the plate with pumpkin shapes.  Color the pumpkins first then add the faces. We tried crayons, but loved the bold bright colors that we got with the orange Sharpie markers.  If you use markers make sure they are permanent  so they do not smear all over.

Once your child is done coloring, place the black plate on top. Find the center of the plate and press a brad through and separate the brad legs in back to secure the to plates together. You will want to try to put the brad as close to the middle as you can.  If you get it off centered, the plates will get a lopsided as you spin them.


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