How to safely allow babies to suck on fruit – Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Great Baby Shower Gift

munchkin fresh food feeder

Munchkin 2 Pack Fresh Food Feeder, Colors May Vary

We use one and she loves it.. She gets all upset if we pull it away..

Watch it here

  • Textured handle easy to grasp
  • Ideal for 6+ months
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, pink, or green
  • Ideal for 6 plus months

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  1. Also 6 months is within the recommendations for solid food. He mostly plays with his food anyhow. He’s exploring it, touching his food is big part of that.
    Frozen berries in it sounds good though. I might just buy one for myself. Lol

  2. He still nurses. This is advertised as a safety product though. This isn’t needed for safety. It’s a comfort product. This group is about trying to save money as a mom. Spending money wisely by not buying into fear hype is one way to do it.

  3. Having 6 of your own, I’m sure you realize that every baby is different. And I don’t think that this is a question of “need.” At 6 months I would still be purely breastfeeding; I feel like the longer you can do it the better. But that wouldn’t stop me from popping some frozen blueberries into one of these little things for my babe to suck on. Or as someone else mentioned, ice for teething. It’s about giving your little one different experiences, not just fear.

  4. I feel it’s a waste of money. This product is for over protective parents filled with fear. My baby is breastfed. He has started solid foods. As long as the baby can sit straight up they are fine. A babies gag reflex is near the middle of their tongue. So just because they gag doesn’t mean their choking. They are learning how to eat. They need you figure it out. When a piece is too big, they cough it up and spit it out.
    There is no need for this product at all. Buy it because it comforts you, not because your baby needs it. Btw my baby is #6. He doesn’t have a baby bath, a bunch of toys, and he just got his first pair of shoes at 6 mo.
    He plays with plastic lids, a few fav toys, bathes in the sink, and he is perfectly happy. He wants nothing between him and his apple slices. Lol

  5. Eeeww who would want to suck on this meshy thing? Just blend the fruit and add it to the bottle or so they can just eat it off the spoon.

  6. We used it for all 4 of ours. They loved it, but it was hard to clean for mom. Did it anyway. So worth it.

  7. She likes it but we don’t put fruit in it. Today it was a graham cracker.

  8. This was a lifesaver when bobby was teething – we mostly just put ice in them

  9. Me too! Didn’t have it for my first two, it would have came in handy because I used to freeze fruit when they were teething.

  10. I had one with my youngest and loved out wish they would had it when my first two were babies

  11. ive always wanted to try these for my kids but never did get one lol they prolly come in great use with them!!!

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