How To Separate An Egg Yolk With A Plastic Bottle ~ so easy a 6 year old can do it

How to seperate an egg yolk with a water bottle, fastest way to seperate an egg SO EASY A 6 YEAR OLD CAN DO IT #DIY, #Eggs, #HowToSeperateAnEgg  #KidsMy girls both like to cook, separating eggs for certain recipes has proven to be a difficult task for them. (Heck, it tends to be difficult for me too…lol)  The other day my daughter was watching science videos and they showed her how to use a water bottle to create suction and separate an egg. You would think they has showed her how to make gold… she was so excited and just had to try it out herself.  Sure enough it worked like a charm and she is rather proud of her new skill.

Crack your egg on a plate or in a bowl.  Get an empty water bottle, squeeze the sides, place it on top of the yolk.  Let go of the sides of the water bottle watch the egg yolk “suck up” into the water bottle leaving the white behind.

Couple of tricks we learned:

  • It does not work if the yolk is broken
  • Fresh eggs work best, as older eggs yolks tend to be more fragile.
  • Super thin bottles do not work as well, as they do not create enough suction to get the yolk inside.

You can watch the video below to see JUST HOW EASY IT REALLY IS, if you can not see the video you can watch it here.   Feel free to SHARE so all your friends can learn this cool trick too.


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