How to start Keto Diet – Foods to eat and how to do it to burn fat

How to start Keto Diet – Foods to eat and how to do it to burn fat

*** Disclaimer – Always study and research anything before trying. With diets  like the Keto Diet and other health changes always consult a medical professional and seek your doctors advice with anything before you try it. The information here is my own, results may vary. ***

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Is Keto all I need to do

With added steps, like fasting or in the diet world they call intermittent fasting or “I.F.” ,  you can actually burn your natural fat stores. Who doesn’t want to burn their extra body fat. I actually lost over 30 pounds sitting on the couch. Now everyone will agree sitting on the couch and not being active is unhealthy, and I agree. It’s just me joking about my weight loss. I have five kids there is no such thing as not being active. During my thirty plus pound weight loss, we also went on 2 vacations so yes I was up and moving.

So what is intermittent fasting. For many it is simply eating lunch and an early dinner and skipping breakfast. Ideally you want to get somewhere between 12-15 hours of no nutritional intake. So water, no calorie drinks are great to keep you occupied before you eat. Now most of that time you are sleeping but for the couple hours before you go to bed and the couple hours in the morning before you eat again you can drink all the water and no calorie liquids you’d like. Which is recommended!

Why do I need to fast on a keto diet

When you fast you have given your body extra time to burn ketones. Once we have gotten all of the glucose out of our muscles where it is stored, you burn ketones. Burning ketones is burning fat. Check this article for more information on this topic. Yes we are eating high amounts of fat, but by fasting we are giving our body time to burn up all of the immediate fat we just consumed that day plus we are giving it time to start burning the body fat we have stored. So yes I burned fat while sitting on my couch working on my computer in the mornings! Then if you want to build muscle, try proton pharma stocked by You don’t need to fast on a keto diet, but every source out there on the web will tell you, including me, that you will drop more pounds faster by fasting. Too many fasting means starving and bad talking your food you cant eat, but that’s not the case on a keto diet.

Do you get hungry fasting on a Keto Diet

In the first week of really getting into the Keto Diet you may have some hunger pains and cravings, I’m not gonna lie. But there is a good reason behind that. It’s called SUGAR! Sugar actually creates more cravings and its fast spiking and dropping of energy supplied leaves you feeling hungry quicker. Whereas fats take much much longer to burn off the stored energy and also leaves you feeling more satisfied and full. So after the first couple of days to a week your cravings will lessen and fasting will be incredibly easier. I found that going 15-16 hours became quite the norm.

My wife even worried that I wasn’t eating and I just kept telling her that I wasn’t even hungry in the slightest! We have all seen people who go on normal “diets” and how they talk about food all the time and they whine about how bland their diet this is or how their diet that taste like cardboard. When you have a diet high in fats you actually enjoy your food, fat is where the flavor is as the saying goes! When you have a high fat diet you feel full quicker and your cravings for sweets like candy and ice cream and even bread and pasta lessen dramatically.


What results did I get on a Keto Diet

For me the keto diet was the easiest “diet” I have ever done. To give you some background When I graduated high school I had just finished wrestling season and I weighed 136 lbs at 6 foot tall. By the time I was 20 I weighed around 190 lbs and when I got married at 26 years old I weighed 203 lbs. After 17 years of marriage and trying to be careful of how much I ate I increased to 222 lbs (butt naked on the scale). All in all I think I did fairly well at “maintaining” my weight. In 17 years of being married and not working out or running or exercising out side of yard work, I only gained 19 pounds! That’s barely a pound a year.

My weakness

My entire life I have hated water. Most say water doesn’t have a taste but for me and my fellow haters, it totally does. My weakness is soda! I’m some what of a root beer connoisseur. But that is not my only vice, any soda is. I will drink it all. In my early years of marriage, when Sarah and I worked at a car dealership I would burn through 6-8 Dr Peppers a day. Like most candy, pizza and all kinds of yummyness went in my belly.

After meals I always like to have some chocolate too. Maybe it’s the french in me maybe it’s scientific, I don’t know. So how did I combat these cravings while trying to loose weight and stay under my carb totals? Not gonna lie the first week was kind of difficult looking at food. As soon as that first week was over though it became so easy, even while on vacations.

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