Hulk Smash Cupcakes ~ Easy Superhero Party Ideas


Hulk Smash Cupcakes, Super hero themed birthday party ideas, Easy dessert ideas for boys, avengers party ideasHulk Smash Cupcakes ~ Easy Superhero Party Ideas

Hulk is a big green scary guy… yet my 5 year old thinks he is awesome! He often eats his lunch and before he takes a bite says “HULK SMASH FOOD” and then chomps down and takes a big bite.  Or when he is playing he will jump on a pillow and say “Hulk Smash Pillow”. Silly boy makes us laugh and has a great imagination. If your little one is a fan of superheroes too, then they are going to love these Hulk Smash Cupcakes. Made to look like Hulks fist.

Hulk Smash Cupcakes, Easy Superhero Party ideas, Avengers party ideas

Supplies needed for Hulk cupcakes:

• White Cake Mix (I used Pillsbury Traditional Vanilla)
• Purple Cupcake Liners
• Violet Icing Color (the gel works best)
• Vanilla Frosting

Supplies needed for Hulk fists:

Cake Boss Electric Green Fondant
• Tooth picks

1. Preheat your oven and prepare your cake mix according to the directions on the package.
2. Once the cake mix is prepared, add a few globs of icing color and mix well. This will help
you achieve that purple color for the cupcakes.
3. Bake your cupcakes in your cupcake liners. Once baked, remove from the cupcake pan and
allow to cool on a wire rack.
4. In a bowl, combine you’re frosting and add icing color to achieve the perfect purple. (I used
the same amount I used in the cake mix to achieve the same color)
5. Frost your cupcakes using your colored icing. Set aside.

Hulk Smash Cupcakes, Easy Superhero Party ideas, Avengers party ideas, how to make a hulk fist
6. Begin working on your hulk fists but removing the fondant from the package and kneading
until it begins to soften.
7. Start by creating a round ball of fondant and flatten it a bit. Set aside. This will serve as the
knuckle part of the fist.
8. Now create a cylinder shape out of fondant.
9. Now its time to create the fingers. You can just take small pieces of the fondant and roll them in your hands until you have 5 matching pieces.
10. You should now have all of the following shown in the image below.
11. Start assembling the hand by placing the 4 fingers on the piece made in step 7. Gently apply pressure to the backside of the fingers to get the 2 pieces to mold together.
12. Add the thumb to the side of the fist as shown.
13. You can add the details of the fists by using a craft stick or your finger. Add nail beds, lines of the skin, etc.
14. Add 2 tooth picks into the piece made in step 8. These help keep the hand together and provide stability when placed into the cupcakes.
15. Add the top part of the hand onto the other end of the toothpicks.
16. Place the Hulk fist onto each cupcake and serve to all your guests!

Hulk Smash Cupcakes, Super hero themed birthday party ideas, Easy dessert ideas for boys, avengers party ideas

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