I am asking for your help!-Updated

Update: In the last 24hrs they have had over $50,000 $70,000 $90,000 donated!

I got word from Kathy ( Karia’s mom) that they are now on a plane, headed for surgery thanks to the kindness of others! He will now have a chance to live life again!  He has 60% chance this will help him….lets pray it does!

stockdalesIf you are in Idaho I am sure you know about the Stockdale Family.  They are a local family that has 4 beautiful kids with major health issues, they were selected by Extreme Home Makeover and were built a beautiful home.  Since that time their Dad Ryan Stockdale has become very  ill.  He has cluster headaches and is in constant  uncontrollable pain.  He has had to quit work, is unable to play with is kids, or do anything for that matter. His insurance has denied him coverage for the deep brains surgery that he will need.  They needed $150,000 to pay for the surgery, they do not know how much longer Ryan’s body can endure this constant unbearable pain.  The Surgeon has agreed to wave his $60,000 in fees in an effort to save Ryan’s life.  But the family is now faced with the task of raising $80,000 dollars to give Ryan a chance at life.

I grew up with Karia and Ryan, they are a young family with the the odds stacked against them.  So what I am asking of you is to donate to help get Ryan the surgery he needs.  I have over 6,000 readers a day come to my site.  So if we all gave just $1 we could make a huge impact.  I have told you I will never charge for my site, I will never ask for your money to benefit myself.   But I asking you to help a family in need.

For more info and to donate http://www.ryanstockdale.org

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