I got my nuts……go ahead and laugh!

Three weeks ago I did a post on these Mouna Loa Chocolate covered Macadamias. ?To read my post click here. ?They were out of them so ?I picked up a rain check for the sale price 2 for $4.00. ?They gave me a rain check for the sale price and I just needed to use it before the end of the month, so I could also use my easy saver coupon that would take another $3 dollars off. ( which expired Jan 31st) ?I went in on the last day of the month, and they were still out of stock. ?I was sad thinking I missed out. ?I decided to ask the store manager if they would write me a rain check for the $3 easy saver coupon, ?being that they still did not have the item in stock. ?I explained that I already had a rain check of the sale price, but I wanted to stack my coupons. ?I thought for sure he would say no…..but much to my surprise he was happy to help and wrote me a rain check. ?Today was the first day they have been back in stock, they honored both rain checks, no questions asked. ?I walked away with 4 bags for .50 cents each. ?Normal price is $4.99 a bag. What a thrifty deal. Thanks Walgreens for great customer service!

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