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Jacky Ha Ha childrens book review by James Patterson, you are going to love reading this with you kids, AD

I was excited when I was asked to do a review of the new childrens book Jacky Ha Ha by James Patterson.  This book is geared towards the 4th-6th grade reading level.  I have a 2nd and 5th grader (but my 5th grader is reading at a post high school level).  So this was the perfect kind of book to snuggle up on the couch with Mom and read out loud.  I did most the reading but the girls each took a turn reading as well, and we all laughed as followed the story.

The first thing my girls said when we got the book in the mail was, WOW that is huge.  I kind of thought the same thing…. 363 pages is a LONG story to read if you don’t enjoy the story line. Much to my surprise this story was very engaging and entertaining to both my girls and I.   It reminded me of how Disney can create a cartoon that young children enjoy, but at the same time can carry a story line that adults are cracking up over. And find themselves watching it even after the kids fall asleep.  Jacky Ha-Ha does a good job of keeping your interest up and looking forward to the next chapter to see how it all plays out.

The main character is Jacky.  She stutters which made her classmates  tease her in school. Her name is Jacky Hart, and when she was younger she would try to say my name is Jacky Ha ha ha ha Haaarrt.  Which quickly gave her  the nick name Jacky Ha Ha.  But soon Jacky learned that she has the gift of humor, and she could make kids and adults laugh, and laughing with someone is a lot better than having someone laugh at you. But she does not always know when to turn the jokes off, often hurting others and getting herself in trouble.

Jacky’s home life is not ideal.  Her Mom is away at war, fighting in the Persian Gulf.  While her Dad is never home as he is often at work as a lifeguard.  That leaves Jacky and her 6 sisters to raise themselves.   Jacky wants to make a change, but has a hard time making good choices.  The story unfolds as she finds a teacher who believes in her and helps her find herself!

My girls and I totally give this book a HUGE THUMBS UP!   As my 8 year old said, “Mom that is the biggest book I have ever read, but I want to read it again.”


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  1. I think it so cool when people sing they lose their ascents and stutters or what ever

  2. I usually read his Alex cross series….but my daughter is 12 and she might like this….

  3. One of my students just shared this with me to read over spring break!!U0001f62c

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