Jif Peanut Butter $.99 a jar ~ STOCK UP PRICE no coupon needed


I case you did not know Albertons is having a STOCK UP PRICE on peanut butter right now.  You can get it for just $.99 a jar, no coupons needed just buy 10 jars or mix and match them with the promo items.  Just as long as you buy 10 of the promo items you will get them for only $.99 each.

This is a stock up price for sure, I have not seen it this low in 3 years.  Since I have 4 kids that all love PB&J for lunch I went ahead and bought 3o jars.  It is good till 2015 so I have time to use it.  Yes I know some of you are going to jump to judgment and call me a hoarder. Well that is fine go right on ahead… but I need the rest of you to know that my local store  literally has a mountain of peanut butter  and 3 times that in the back of the store.  SO buying 3o jars did not even make a dent in the pile and there is still plenty to go around.  So go ahead and stock up too 🙂

albertsons peanut butter sale


  1. I know they closed a lot for stores the past year… I want to say there was one.. but maybe it is now closed

  2. how are you getting the .99 cent price the ad says 1.99 I would love to do this deal but do not understand the math please help

  3. Heck, if I had an extra $30 for stock-piling right now, that’s what I’d spend it on, too! (As it stands, I also want to stock-up on mayo and strawberries, if I’m not too late!)  But gosh, what a terrific price!

  4. I am going to stock up big time as well. Besides sandwiches my DH loves peanut butter cookies and my daughter loves the no bake ones that use peanut butter oatmeal and cocoa. I’ve been known to have peanut butter toast with my meds in the morning as well.

  5. We don’t have them here in Indiana 🙁 do they have a website u could order? I know it sounds crazy… My husband eats atleast a jar a week and cheapest I get it is 2.00

  6. its 1.99 in Yakima but even thats a decent price….no complaints here….not buying 30 LOL but definitely going to buy a few jars!

  7. 1.99 in Seattle – I think your deal is area specific – which should be noted in your post! seems like your the only area with this price! I’m happy you got it though!

  8. Which doesn’t make sense! lol You’d think Idaho Oregon and WA would have the same ad! lol

  9. Yes not all Albertsons have the same ad…. mine if for Idaho, Nevada and Utah

  10. Which location are you at? I think ours has been out. Hopefully they restock before the sale ends!

  11. I would get that many for just me and my hubby if we had an alberson’s here. I love pb & chocolate chip sandwiches. I take them almost every day for lunch.

  12. Wish we could do that here. So many of our schools are going “Nut Free” which makes it hard for us to figure out safe lunches that my guys will eat.

  13. I wish we would have a sale like that in our area, I’d definitely stock up as well.

  14. Um I’m a bit confused. In the ad for my local albertsons it says 1.99 NOT .99 I know stores very by region but I didn’t think they varied that much!

  15. A Thrifty Mom, which Albertson’s has it for .99 cents? Maybe I know someone near there and can have them buy me a case and ship it to me or can have my husband pick it up since he is a truck driver?

  16. that makes me want to move near an albersons…… maybe I should have you ship me some…. hmmmm….

  17. Oh how I WISH we had an Albertson’s! I would buy a case too since it is the ONLY PB my family will eat and it is up to 3.49 a jar out here!

  18. Awesome!!!! I missed this one somehow and I don’t think you’re a hoarder! LOL! I’ve got kids too. 🙂

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