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Recently Jockey contacted us about trying out their new Jockey StayCool collection. As a guy I was able to try the crew and v-neck tee’s. Sarah was able to try the female style  tee’s.

Originally developed for NASA, the Outlast® technology behind Jockey® staycool underwear and t-shirts helps your skin feel up to 3° cooler.  How? Special Thermocules™ absorb excess heat to maintain your optimal external body temperature, helping to keep you cooler all day, every day…all year long.

Another tidbit on Outlast® technology:
Outlast® technology has demonstrated its temperature regulation for more than 20 years and is a Certified Space Technology.

Quite often in conversations you hear people say “I love the warm weather”. I always chime in and say “You can really only take off so many layers “. For me winter is the season for me. You can always add layers to stay warm. So when I heard Jockey’s Staycool products I was very intrigued. Really? A layer of clothes that will help you Stay Cool? I need to try this. I would be their real test! I am always hot. At events I am the first to get in front of the air conditioner.

So the package came with much anticipation. I ripped through the package and started wearing them! After quit a few washes and days in the hot summer heat, I have come to a conclusion. I don’t have to take off all of my clothes to stay cool. I am not sure how Jockey’s StayCool products work, but they do. The shirts ability to breath and their feel on your skin really help in the hot summer day.

Jockey StayCool
Jockey Staycool v-neck

What did Sarah think of this line?

Well they sent me shirts and underwear…. and I know you are all disappointed but I will not be posting photos on my bottom in Jockey Stay Cool undies.  But I did try out the shirts.  I did not notice a huge difference, but I think that is because I wear a lot of layers.  But what I did notice was the light weight fabric… but it is strong and has a lot of stretch to it.  Seems like most light weight shirts I buy are thin and rip or wear out easy. These shirts are a winning combination of light weight yet durable.  I really like them, and they get an A+ in my book.

Jockey Staycool Reversible T-Shirt
Jockey Staycool T-Shirt

We want to let you share in the StayCool collection to keep cool these last hot days of summer.

Right now we are giving away 10 coupon codes for 25% off a single item of Jockey Staycool products – plus free shipping on the select StayCool styles. Two readers will receive five (5) coupon codes.

PLUS one  other winner will receive a $25 Jockey giftcard.

To enter for 1 of the group of 5 codes (2 groups being given away)  and one gift card:

  • Like Jockey on Facebook – post on their wall that A Thrifty Mom sent you – post here on this post that you did.
  • Vote for Sarah HERE
  • And leave a comment on this post why you or your husband would like to try the StayCool collection

Giveaway ends Friday Aug 26, 2011 at 10pm mountain time.


Coupon codes are valid for one-time use on®
Offer: 25% OFF men’s and women’s Jockey® staycool styles + FREE shipping. Jockey® staycool style numbers include the following:

Men’s: 8802 8803, 8804, 8805

Women’s: 2093, 2094, 2095, 2096

Offer will expire on December 31, 2011
To redeem, simply enter (or copy/paste) coupon code in the text box below list of shopping bag items at checkout

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