Juice Box Mummy’s ~ Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Halloween was  a day I looked forward to  ALL YEAR long as a child…. because it meant FREE candy for me.  But now that I am a Mom I dread that sugar turns my kids into grumpy ZOMBIES and cranky little stinkers due to the handfuls of candy they shove into their mouths.  That  is why I LOVE these fun Juice Box Mummy’s, healthy and fun!

To get started all you need is :

  • Juice Boxes (or raisin boxes work too)
  • Tape ~ I used scotch electrical tape found at a Lowe’s or Home depot.  Or you can use masking tape
  • Brown or grey ink (optional)
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Glue and scissors

Start by putting tape on the top but make sure you leave the straw hole open so you can drink the juice 🙂  Rub the stamp pad over the juice box then take a tissue to rub off the extra ink.  This will help the “mummy layers” show up.  Use glue or glue dots to attach the eyes.  You can make them up in advance, since they are still sealed.

Watch our how to video here

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