Kids Say Such Silly Things ~ It’s a LadyTard

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My two girls ages 4 and 7 are dressed in their leotards and tights.  Playing dance studio as they practice their dance routine.  As my 7 year old teaches her little sister all the proper words that a dancer should know.  Feeling very beautiful  they dance  around the house like butterflies on flowers.

As they stop for a short break I hear my 4 year old talking to her little brother…

4 year old:  Did you see my pretty dance, I’ms a real dancer… see my “Lady-Tard”

2 year old brother: Grunts in acknowledgement

4 year old: It is a beautiful pink “Lady-Tard” but since I’m just a wittle (little) gwirl (girl) I call it a “Girlie-Tard” cause I’ms not a lady yet.

As I listen I just about choke on the water I am drinking, because I am laughing so hard. I try to then explain… it is a LEOtard… not a LADYtard.  But I am pretty sure from now on in our house we will remember it as a LadyTard 🙂

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