Kitchen Gadget Giveaway – Flash Giveaway Ends prior to 10pm MTN

pineapple corer


Kitchen Gadget Giveaway ~ Last Comment Wins, Flash Giveaway


We are giving away ” 1 Free Pineapple Core remover ” to 1 lucky winner


Must NOT use single letters as comment, or the same comment over and over or comment might get marked as spam and not register
Last comment will win (we will stop the giveaway at a random pre determined time) but no one know’s when the giveaway will end.
You can comment, share, tag your friend, have your friends tag you AS MANY TIMES as you want.

Make sure to NOT use only single letters or the same comment over and over, Facebook will flag your comment as spam, and your comment will not register as an entry!

Play nice and have fun…. get your typing fingers ready.
Giveaway goes live NOW and will end “sometime” before 10pm mst. It could last 10 minutes it could last 3 hours…. but once we END it the last comment will be the WINNER. Winner must have a US shipping address.

You can see more about what the giveaway kitchen gadget:

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  1. I’ll hold down the fort while you’re gone. Cuz I surely ain’t going to no gym!

  2. It can end at any time. I’ve got to go to the gym as soon as I convince myself it’s not cold inside the gym. I just want to b cuddle and win a free gadget today.

  3. Wow, I would need to start buying a whole pineapple vs the expensive cut up pieces!!!

  4. Yea I think you’re right, but of course I’d give it to you :p I don’t even get down on pineapple!

  5. Oh I’m desperate for one of these! Mine broke and I’m fresh pineapple-less!!

  6. It ends SOMETIME before 10pm mtn time. That’s the point of the contest, you don’t know when it will end.

  7. Thanks so much! Haha I may be crazy, but I’ll be eating nicely sliced pineapple soon!

  8. Congrats to our winner Mallori Lynn Siler won at the 935 pm MTN comment she made! Make sure to check your OTHER message folder for instructions

  9. Fun giveaway everyone! thanks for playing… stay tuned for another giveaway tomorrow!

  10. I would have spent my time better finding this bad boy in amazon however this conversation feed makes me happy inside

  11. It’s like we are all in a room together having hundreds of different conversations!

  12. You shall forever be cutting pineapple by hand! You must win it or your little hands will be tortured!

  13. I love the commercials for the hgtv dream home when they show that vitamix blender likes it’s better than the 250 G’s

  14. My daughter has a crazy fixation on all things girl. She won’t watch a movie unless the main character is a girl.