Ladies Day get your oil changed for $19.95 (local deal)


I received this email from one of my readers.  I called Roger’s to make sure this was ok to post on my site.   I was impressed with how nice they were, and I even singed up to bring my van.  If you  make an appointment or drop in make sure you tell them A Thrifty Mom sent you!

So, I love being thrifty but I also love getting great customer service (like you!).  This is why I was especially excited to learn that Roger’s Wheel Alignment and Tire is now offering a Ladies Day.  On every Wednesday they are offering Oil changes to us ladies for $19.95 ( normally $34.95).  I know there are other chains that offer this pricing but…….I like to support our local business.  Roger is a family owned business  20+ yrs here in Caldwell by D&B and is great.  With Montie’s travels they are always make sure my vehicle is safe (they even changed my windshield wipers in the rain for me when I had all the kids in the car).  They treat women like “;Ladies”, like you are their wives, daughters or sisters.  They fix and service your vehicle as if it is for their own family “ladies”.  So, I know some people think women should be treated equal, (which I agree, mostly!) but I like it sometimes when people treat me like a Lady! – Kristel

You can view their website here. Have you used Roger’s before, and what did you think

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