Well how did your 28 days of random act of love go?  Do try it and did it make a difference?  It was fun to post and read everyone’s ideas.  I hope it helped a few of you get the spark going a little stronger.  Here are the last tips and experiences from our readers.  We will post the $25 gift card winner soon.


We have been happily married for 17 years and have three beautiful sons. But our schedules are opposite of each other. He works the night shift and sleeps during the day and I work during the day and take care of the kids and house when he is at work.
When we were first dating, we loved going to a different restaurant every weekend. Well those days are long gone… But now I have a new job working at home and my husband evening schedule has changed. So now we have the afternoons together. So we have an afternoon “date” to new a diner or inexpensive restaurant once a week. It gives us time to talk, laugh and enjoy food just like we used to. The other day, we slipped and told our sons we had gone to a particular restaurant. They were shocked we were going out, while they were at school. My husband and I laughed!


Another thing I try to do when I feel well is to make up his plate at meal time. My dh always seems to appreciate this and says it tastes better if I make it up for him. lol He also says coffee tastes better if I make it, so I do even though I can’t stand the taste of the stuff.


I have had a very trying year, soon after my husband and I got married last year, everything fell apart. It started with our honeymoon being ruined by a flight delay. My car broke down on our way to meet his family and 9 months later is costing over $19k to fix (its only worth $10k!). He deployed to Afghanistan and I was rear ended in his car which lead to finding out I have SLE (Lupus). All of this has had me not working (I generated half of our necessary income) and the stress is through the roof, along with a lot of debt. We are in out late 20s and have no children and have been in long term relationships before we met. We have fallen out of love and I am trying to fix myself to help keep us together and he refuses to give up. I have been desperately tying to do something to be a better wife and partner, but everything that you hope never happens, has within less than a year! I know this isn’t a place to post, but I have so few outlets anymore as my life went from picture perfect to nightmare. He has developed a temper and I have developed a way to make it worse. If anyone has had a series of catastrophic events happen and make it through, I would appreciate any advice. I love reading how in love people are, I miss it, and have tried some of the small things that I was able to do before I was sick but at this point everything seems to lead to a fight about stupid things that don’t matter.

Jennifer Marshall

My husband and I were married in the temple in salt lake city. (We are LDS). A fun/romantic/(to us) and very great/worthwhile date to us is often going to the temple together. When we are there, we do work for other people. It helps us to remember our blessings, and the day of our wedding, kneeling at that alter looking into one anothers eyes where his grandfather married us.
Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful but we remember our vows and promises we took to be married to one another and love one another for ALL eternity.

When we leave we are much nicer to one another, holding hands, kissing, and in great moods. We treat eachother better.

I know it may sound boring or strange to some but its something that holds us and our marriage together. It is so important to us and we love remembering that.

PS. we like going at night when the temple is all lit up and beautiful. We live in vegas so its a wonderful escape for us. Its away from all the hussle and bussle


Yucky I know, but my now fiancé says he new I was the one when I shaved his back for him before our first beach trip together. Now I try to do it for him every few weeks because it makes him feel better about himself.

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